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  1. Fortunately, I have no love for money. If I were a Lottery player, I would give mostly all my earnings to St Stephen….well, there are a few items I might like to purchase….no big things…but mostly, I would not want to keep it. Wealth to me is having a rich relationship with God and joy through the Holy Spirit within me. The more STUFF we have, the more maintenance is required to keep things operating, cleaning, repairing….you get the idea. Thankful for a house, cars than run and enough money to meet our needs with some extra, but more importantly thankful that God will always be my Recently, I lost a lot of money (many thousands) to someone who took advantage of a family situation. I stewed a few days but then let it go. Don’t really care, and rather than expend my valuable energy feeling angry, I really feel sorry for the individual that his need for money is sooooo great, in spite of the fact that he already earns pretty high 6 digits. His loss, actually, cause he has no relationship with God, and if he were to lose that money, he would be devastated. With God I know I will always be taken care of.
    The End!!

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