We discuss What is Beauty? What determines beauty? And why beauty differ from an individual? Does beauty mean love?

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  1. I’m reminded of the song by Ray Stevens, 2nd half of the 2nd verse of Jesus Loves the Little Children, “everybody’s beautiful in their own way, under God’s Heaven the world’s gonna find the way”. Yes, The non Google definition of beauty contained in scriptures comes from within, God given and has nothing to do with outward beauty/attractiveness. That leads me to thinking of beauty regarding our friends who come for help and relationship at Flying J and Dinner With Friends. Outward beauty is rare with folks who are living in their cars or in the elements who have not had the advantage of healthy food, showers and clean clothes. Sometimes their inner beauty is not apparent either in the beginning. So our challenge is building the relationship in order to have a spark of inner beauty revealed. If we judge them by their outer appearance, then there’s no hope of finding that spark, and even so, it might take a long time with some folks to get there. Love for God’s creatures who might be rough around the edges, smelly and unkempt goes to the heart of what we are about. We all know people w beautiful bodies and faces but who lack a sense of “other”, being concerned more with maintaining a level of outward beauty than with reaching out to the compromised individuals of society. This is not to say it is always easy to love, but it can grow into a “beauty-ful” relationship via God’s grace.

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