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  1. The discipleship of Flying J is changing me (us)! Loving others no matter their situation and even when they disappoint us….like yesterday for me. I must call her back today. I know God is guiding me there, especially after the prayer experience with one of the the homeless guys yesterday. You mentioned faith, hope and trust from the 1st John reading…..it is a tall order to bring a non Christian to those characteristics of being a Christian when many have suffered enormously in life, lost hope and reject the idea of God being in their situation….”O” said to me “once you are down, you’re always down” because one hurdle to surmount reveals so many roadblocks to summit before that bigger one can be tackled. I felt hopeless to help with anything but love toward him. He, they, all three are on my heart this day. Sharing the gift of the Holy Spirit invoked at our baptism is REALLY foreign to so many, and yet so imperative to beginning to know God’s love. What to do, what to do? Love.

  2. In God Pause today lots of imperative (bossy) verbs such as SING, REJOICE, SHOUT with joy, LIFT your voice appear throughout Psalm 98. These are verbs which escape many whom we meet at FJ…….is that a response we should strive to achieve in our homeless friends? Or is our mission more to listen and guide to agencies of help? The despair in their situations is overwhelming and heartbreaking! We can only imagine! Our meetings at FJ are temporary bandaids of rescue if nothing happens beyond our meetings. Where do we draw the line? As Christians how far backwards does God intend us to bend?

    1. Good questions Lynne. There are no easy answers to them. We are just at the beginning of this, so we are going to screw up over and over again. And that’s ok. And asking these questions keeps us focused on what’s important – Jesus.

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