Prayer for September 9, 2020

Prayer for September 9, 2020: Please pray with me. God of mercy, have mercy on us. We desperately need your mercy – especially when we don’t think we do. We need your mercy so that we can be merciful with others and ourselves. Forgive us when we lack mercy with others. Forgive us when we prefer to judge and dehumanize and label and scapegoat. Oh how that must hurt to watch and listen to Lord – especially after you show us mercy. Oh how it must sting. Why do we have such short memories Lord? Why do we think we deserve your mercy, but believe that others do not – especially those we don’t like or disagree with or those that we consider as our enemies. Imagine how the world would be transformed if we showed mercy to our enemies. Imagine how the world would be transformed if we showed mercy to ourselves. Expose us when we are merciless in order to draw us back to a right relationship with you and others. Heal us from our wrath and hatred. Soften our hearts so that our willful stubbornness may come to an end. Amen.

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  1. Something greater than “effective charity” is here. Like a peasant prophet, standing in a corn field with his law breaking, sabbath breaking, friends, defending himself against critics while wearing nothing but his peasant clothes with the patches of unshrunk cloth covering the holes and claiming that they are in the presence of someone greater than David or the temple, Jesus is alive and well on the streets of America. He is standing there in peasant clothes now talking to you.

    Will you hear him?

    I invite you to listen to him

    He is ever so humble. A homeless man seeking prayer for YOU, he demonstrates the very heart of Jesus, the goal of our Great Commission, and I am concerned that maybe you didn’t quite hear him. He doesn’t come with a best selling book, a PhD, or even advice on how to help the poor. Instead, he comes with a prayer request and with deep forgiving love that is so holy, you should take your shoes off as you encounter it.

    Please, visit the blog today.

    I invite you to my blog, of course, because it’s there that I lay out my invitation to his. But it’s not mine that counts.

    Here is a link:

    Hope to see you there.


    Agent X


    You are already on record for having LIKEd the post I am pointing out here. But I certainly want to take every opportunity to attract attention of God’s people to this post.



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