Can we please stop offering blood sacrifices???

More shootings. Does it even matter where anymore? I fear that they have become so common now that they don’t even grab our attention. I fear that we have become so accustomed to hearing about shootings that the only way we would rise to any level of caring is if we were personally affected. That’s extremely sad.

That is not a sign of societal health either. It’s a sign that society has turned far inward on itself – which is Luther’s definition of sin.

All of the violence and death only makes sense to me if I relate it to religious belief. Not in the sense that religions cause wars either. I never really bought that argument. Wars caused by religion are actually wars caused by people who seek power and use religion and twist it to justify the power grab and death and destruction.

Rather, I’m talking about the worship of idols. All the victims of these gun deaths are blood sacrifices to false deities. Name the idols whatever you will – guns, violence, death, etc. As a society we have decided that sacrificing people in the name of these idols is more important than the people’s lives. Only a god has more value and worth than a living being.

As a society we have no intent on stopping the sacrifices either. This isn’t even controversial either. There is no attempt, not even a debate really, to do anything that would reduce the number of deaths related to gun violence. None. Zero. Which means that our society is willingly offering blood sacrifice to these idols on their altars.

Worship of these deities is obviously far more important than the lives of any of the people we willingly sacrifice.

Unfortunately there are many Christians who expend great energy in defending the status quo of human sacrifice. I don’t understand how what is happening can be defended as having anything to do with Jesus. I don’t understand how defending the status quo of people dying without any effort to stop the killing has anything to do with Jesus’ way of peace or seeing the image of God in others.

While we, as a society, like to claim we are a Christian nation, our actions and lack of action show this to be a lie.

 But it doesn’t have to be this way. It never does. Jesus doesn’t call us to accept the status quo – to be unimaginative. Rather, we are called to holy imagination – to seeing the vision that Jesus has for the world. A world in which people don’t die because of gun violence. It’s possible. It doesn’t even take all that much imagination or creativity really. It mostly takes an unwillingness to accept that gun violence takes place every day and is normal. It takes an unwillingness to accept the death toll. It takes an unwillingness to sacrifice people at the altar of an idol for the sake of some object and the false association that is placed on it – that it somehow represents our freedom. Guns are not our freedom. They aren’t our saviors either. Guns are an object that are supposed to serve us, not the object of our worship and sacrifice.


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