Defending the status quo

Why do people invest so much energy in defending systems that are not life-giving?

We have mass shootings. I don’t know of anyone who thinks this is a good thing. Yet, I hear plenty of excuses as to why nothing related to this can change? Why? Why are we so invested in maintaining something that is not life giving, but rather takes far too many lives?

That’s just one example. Do I have the answer for this? No, of course not. Here’s what I know – there isn’t a perfect solution. Can we just stop debating the perfect solution to everything? I’ll take a slight improvement right now. You know, something that results in fewer deaths due to guns. Can we agree to that?

Here’s the questions that Christians should be asking themselves when it comes to any issue they are facing – Is this in alignment with Jesus? Are we approaching this from a theological foundation? If so, what? Or are we approaching the situation from an ideological or partisan foundation? If so, why? Why isn’t our faith forming us, rather than our politics?

How is what is going on in alignment with Christ? If it isn’t, should we be doing what we can to move it in the direction of the kingdom of God? Don’t we have a responsibility to do that?

How does settling for an unjust system that deprives life of people in alignment with being a disciple of Jesus?

Isn’t God creative and visionary? Why are we willing to shut out God’s creativeness just to maintain the status quo that isn’t life giving?

I’m just tired of an unwillingness to tackle difficult issues unless we have everything all figured out, or unless everyone is on board. Neither of those are ever going to happen. I believe that faith compels us to do things that improve life for people right now.

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