I'm working on a book

There, I said it.  And given that I’m a bit of an overachiever, there will probably be two books.  One will flow into the other.  But I’m going to start with one.
The last couple of weeks I haven’t been blogging in the traditional sense of the word – I’m sure you have noticed.  I’ve been posting video interviews that highlight the challenges around homelessness.  And they have been good.  But there hasn’t been a whole lot of views of these videos.  Which got me thinking about the blog.  I realized, dear reader, that I’ve been doing things on the blog that haven’t matched up with my readers.
The people who visit my blog love to read.  They love to read well thought out blog posts – ones that are challenging at times.  Ones that are intellectual.  Ones that tell a story about real challenges and real lives.  Ones that address difficult topics.  Ones that walk the fine and difficult paths the weave together faith, theology, Christianity, politics, philosophy, and more.  You aren’t interested in coming to the blog for videos.  I’ve heard this loud and clear based on the numbers of visits to the blog.
So, here’s my reality – I’m limited.  I only have so much time and energy.  And I recognize that you come to read blog posts.  So here’s what I plan on doing.
I’ll be posting some snippets of the book I am working on.  I may do some posts of a fiction piece I’m playing around with also.  I may just randomly post stuff that I feel called to post too – more like what I was doing.  But I also need time and energy to write the book.
So, what is this book that I’m writing.  The wiring title is “The Tired Christian.”  Want to know what the book is about?  Here’s what I wrote for a back cover.  I welcome your thoughts.
The Tired Christian
Are you a tired Christian?
Look around.  What do you see – injustice, division, despair, anger, and fear seemingly everywhere, with no end in sight?  Do you look around and see a whole bunch of people who claim to be Christians, but live their lives as if Jesus never existed?  Are you tired – a tired Christian?  I am.  And you should be too.
In this book we’ll:

  • Face reality – of where we really are. We’re called to prophetic witness to the truth of our world and what the world believes in and lives for.  We’ll take a look at the truth about ourselves.  And how the world wants us to just give up.
  • Proclaim hope – Yes, we believe in a God who cares enough to actually be active, to encounter, and transform lives right now.
  • Cast a vision – of the unfolding of the Kingdom of God. We’re headed towards the renewal of all of creation and we are not just a part of that renewal, but we are invited to participate in it.  That’s an incredible invitation.

Throughout this book, I’ll explain theological ideas in ways that matter to our lives – that impact how we live and our world.  I’ll share with you how to move from tired and hopeless followers of Jesus to followers who are moved by Jesus to participate in God’s mission in and for the world.
Rev. Matthew Best serves as pastor of St. Stephen Lutheran Church in New Kingstown, PA.  At his core, Rev. Best is a beloved child of God who is sent to invite others into the unfolding of the Kingdom of God by empowering others to experience transformation in their life and the world and moving us towards shalom.

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