Is money different than other things? In one respect yes, money is unique. It’s not other stuff. Money represents value. But then again, so do other things. Time can represent value as well.

Why does money often seem to be the thing that has a heavier weight in decision making? Because we think we “need” it? Because many things take money in order to accomplish?

Is money solely a material thing? I don’t think so. I would argue that money has a spiritual element to it. Not in the sense of angels and demons, but an intangible part of it that goes beyond the material of money. Money impacts decisions after all in many cases. Money impacts cultures. Money impacts relationships.

Why do we put so much value in money? I don’t think there is an easy or uniform answer for that? Jesus talks about money a lot. He talks about wealth, mammon, riches. He talks about being rich.

Do we only think about money in terms of our own currency? Or do we see money as something beyond currency, or at the very least one currency? Is money still money when a currency goes under? What pull does a valueless money have at that point?

What is more important – money or something else? The easy answer is something else, but I wonder if our word answer actually matches up with our lived answer.


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