I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be adding a newsletter to my blog. I invite you to sign up on the right side of the blog where it says “Join Our Email List.” It’s free, and you’ll get some great content.

Here’s why you’ll want to join the list and receive the newsletter:

You’ll get content that won’t be available anywhere else, not even on my blog. I guarantee to offer a Scripture Reflection and commentary. I’ll only send you something 1-2 times a month at most.

Some of the other features may include prayers, content on discipleship, how faith and politics intersect, culture change in the church. You’ll get first hand knowledge of some of the topics I’m playing around with before anyone else will know. You’ll also get some heads up on materials I’m working on – like a book (I’m about 2/3rds done now – you’ll need to sign up for the newsletter to get more information about it).

Sign up! Thanks.

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