Prayer for April 1, 2021

Prayer for April 1, 2021: Please pray with me. Servant God, you flip the script. We have this sense that the one at the top needs to be served. Yet, you show over and over that you self-empty yourself and serve in a loving manner. You give us the example of how to be humble, how to be servants, how to be Christlike. You show us what it means to love you God, and to love our neighbor. You show us because we refuse to listen. You have told us so many times. And so you show us. You serve and we are on the receiving end of that. Not because we deserve it. No, you are the servant God inspite of us. You do that because it is how we are transformed by you. It opens our eyes to see what loving you is really all about. It clears our ears so that we can hear what love actually is. It softens our hearts so that we are changed and can follow you and serve like you. Thank you for be you. And for showing us the way. Amen.

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