Prayer for April 14, 2021

Prayer for April 21, 2021: Please pray with me. God who is in control, we struggle with the idea of control. We think we are in control. How silly. Why are we so drawn to control? Because it makes us feel like a god? Or what we envision what being you is like? Our ideas about control are skewed – we think being in control means we are powerful, that we know what will happen, that we can determine the future. But I doubt that’s what it’s really about. Not when we look around and see those who grip onto control. When control is most important, it usually causes us harm. The funny thing is that we have more control when we let go of control. Or maybe, more accurately, when we let go of control, it becomes less important and has less of a stranglehold over us. We become freer. Maybe that’s what you mean by setting people free – setting them free from having to be in control of themselves or others or creation. Amen.

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