Prayer for April 16, 2021

Prayer for April 16, 2021: Please pray with me. Holy God, you walk with us, you call to us, you reach out to us, you pitch your tent with us, you save us over and over again, and you created us. And for some reason we have doubt that you will be there for us. We have short memories Lord, but you know that already. Forgive us when we doubt the promises you make. You must find our doubts humorous – we like to think that we are original in our doubts. You’ve heard them all though – probably a billion times over, if not more. You give us everything we need, and we still want more. Why? Why do we doubt you? Have you ever not followed-through? No, of course not. In reality, it is not you that we doubt – it is us. We like to make you into our image and likeness, with our flaws and our tendency to not follow-through. Forgive us of this. Set us free from the desire to control you so that we can follow you more fully. Amen.

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