Prayer for April 29, 2021

Prayer for April 29, 2021: Please pray with me. God of all nations, we like to think we are special. We like to think that are the only ones who you bless and care for. We like to claim you as ours. Hmm. Release us from the bondage of having to be right, or thinking we can manipulate you and use you – that’s just taking your name in vain. release us from the bondage of thinking our group is blessed by you, while you curse anyone not like us. Release us from the bondage of investing time, energy, and money in maintaining and defending unjust systems that prop us up. Release us from these ungodly ways. We claim to be your followers, how about we actually live into that? We claim to be your followers, yet we listen to all sorts of false prophets who peddle alternative gospel narratives that tell us that salvation comes through the Democrat and Republican parties, or some politician, or through some policy proposal that we simplify to a set of memes, tweets, and bumperstickers. What a shallow and empty faith that is. Meaningless really. If that is what faith is, then no wonder people seek out alternatives. But that is not what faith is. You have been telling us this for a long time. But we refuse to listen. We think we know better. Forgive us Lord. Turn us from our sin. Release us from our narcissism. Clear our eyes to see your image. Clear our ears to hear your Word. Soften our hearts to be encountered an transformed by you. Please. Amen.

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