Prayer for April 6, 2022

Prayer for April 6, 2022: Please pray with me. God of the weak, human history is full of people who think that might makes right. But might doesn’t make right, it just makes force and control. Even if everyone believed whatever the mighty of this world said to be true, it would not make it true. It would just make it a mass distortion of the truth. Over and over again, you come to the weak and the outcast, walk with them, and lift them up. And the mighty are threatened by this. Because as much as they project strength, they are often empty and their foundation is hollow as a dead tree. The mighty live in fear that someone else will be stronger. And there is always someone stronger eventually. There is always someone faster eventually. Turn us from valuing strength as humanity sees it. Turn us to you. Amen.

Call to Action: Do you believe that might makes right? Why? Is your vision of God as one who strong arms people into doing what God wants? Why? How is any of this in alignment with Christ?

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