Prayer for August 11, 2020

Prayer for August 11, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of wisdom, hear our cry.  There are so many voices of insanity shouting loudly right now.  Voices that demand attention.  Voices that are thirsty for response – even unhealthy responses.  Voices that proclaim false gospels that pull people in with messages of fear and anger, messages of separation and division, messages of conspiracy and lies.  These voices try to drown out your message – a message that tells us that you are a God of all the nations and all the people.  A message that proclaims that there is no us versus them – because there is no them.  There is only us.  A message that proclaims the image of God in all people.  A message that offers true hope and meaningful identity.  A message that frees people from the bondage of exploitation and oppression, being used, and being sucked dry.  A message of love and forgiveness.  You offer Shalom when these voices offer something far less.  Drown out the insanity around us so that we can hear your proclamation better.  Keep us focused on you Lord, not chasing after craziness or even trying to combat or correct it.  You don’t call us to fight or be saviors of people – that is your job.  You call us to live a different way, regardless of what is popular and loudly proclaimed.  You call us to ignore the charlatans and con artists who use your name for their own gain.  Instead, turn our ear and our heart to you.  Let you message sink into us so far that we have no desire but to listen and follow you.  Amen.

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