Prayer for August 13, 2021

Prayer for August 13, 2021: Please pray with me. God who invites us to participate in the unfolding of your kingdom, thank you. We come up against so many things that stand in the way of your kingdom. It can be very frustrating Lord. We claim so many things and then see people and systems doing the exact opposite – becoming blockades to the unfolding of your kingdom. It makes no sense. I’m not sure why we ever though it had to make sense. We so desperately want there to be reasons for the blockades. There are, they just don’t make sense to us. Thank you for moving forward regardless of the blockades. And for inviting us to keep moving forward with you. Keep our eyes on you and not focused on the enormity of the blockades. Amen.

Call to action: What is one blockade that you identify that is keeping you separate from the Kingdom of God as Jesus expressed it? Just list one. Now what is one simple action that you can do that moves yourself, your loved one, your community, and others towards the kingdom of God as proclaimed by Jesus? Go and do it.

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