Prayer for August 18, 2020

Prayer for August 18, 2020: Please pray with me.  God who saves, guide us.  You already do, the real question is whether we actually follow your lead.  You are a God who saves – it is a part of your very nature.  It is who you are and what you do.  How foolish of us to limit you in our thinking.  To actually believe that all you care about is our personal relationship with you – as if that’s all there is.  Why do we refuse to see how expansive you are.  Why do we try to put you in a box and limit what you do and how much you impact.  You are a God who loves all of creation, not just a personal relationship with us.  You are a God who cares about a great deal, going way beyond our personal piety.  You are a God who cares about reality, injustice, truth, freedom from bondage, ending exploitation and oppression, peace, forgiveness, mercy, and more.  You care about those the world shuns. You care about creation.  You care about the systems that humans create and maintain.  You care about the peoples, not just individuals.  You care about so much.  But we prefer that you didn’t and that you left it all up to us.  Humanity doesn’t have a good track record when we try to control things.  Forgive us Lord.  That’s all we can ever ask for.  Set us on the right path.  Help us to help others.  Save us – from ourselves and those who think they are you. Amen.

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