Prayer for August 24, 2021

Prayer for August 24, 2021: Please pray with me. God of hope, you give us something that we can’t get anywhere else – Hope. Hope isn’t about being happy. Hope isn’t a mood we are in. Hope isn’t something that ebbs and flows. It stays with us even in the midst of terror and tragedy. Hope guides us. It keeps us afloat when the worlds wants to drown us. Hope gives us a future worth living for. Hope gives us life. Hope allows us to dream big and live into those dreams. Hope is a form of creativity and imagination. Hope gives us a vision of how the world can be. Hope is the proclamation of Good News – that bondage will end, that peace will be lived into, that death does not get the last say, that the stranger will be welcomed, that brokenness will be healed, and that we are all moving towards God’s preferred future. That’s what hope is. Amen.

Call to Action: What is God’s preferred future in our midst? Take time today to look at one injustice, brokenness, form of bondage or abuse, area of poverty, or anything else. Really look at this. And ask this question – what is God up to right now with this? Where do I see God active? Where is Jesus going with this? Paint a picture for yourself of God’s preferred future with this area? And how are you invited to participate? Who else is invited? Now go and start.

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