Prayer for August 25, 2020

Prayer for August 25, 2020: Please pray with me. God of grace and mercy, O how we need you. How easily we judge others – especially nameless people that we can target. How easily we fall into the trap that we are built up when others are torn down. All we do is tear ourselves apart and dig our own whole when we tear down others. We end up in the pit with them. A pit of our own making. We become dirty from the mud we sling. We become tired from all the digging we have to do. We become sore from the punches that we throw. We speak ugly works that same more about us than our targets. And through this all, we somehow think we are built up? How? Why do we fool ourselves like this? Is the truth too much to bear? So a lie is better? Cure us from this desire to dehumanize others, to tear down others, to scapegoat others. Cleanse our hearts and minds. Let what proceeds from the heart and out of the mouth show that it is you that is our core, not the false god of being right, of narcissism, or of dehumanization. These things don’t build us up – they expose us for who we are. But following you is about denying ourselves, letting go of control, and following you – taking on your ways, your thoughts, your words. And these are so much better than our own ways. This is a no brainer. Amen.

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