Prayer for August 26, 2020

Prayer for August 26, 2020: Please pray with me.  Incarnate God who walks among us, would we recognize you?  Would we?  Or would we see you and tell you how wrong you are about everything?  Would we tell you why you are wrong to feed hungry people?  Would we argue that they just needed to get a job?  Would we tell you that you are wrong to welcome the stranger?  Would we argue that they are a threat?  Would we tell you that you are wrong to care for the sick? Would we argue that treatment and care was for those who deserved it?  Would we tell you that you are wrong to release the captives?  Would we argue that you are creating a dangerous community?  Or would we take what you say seriously? For our own sakes, I hope we would listen to you, recognize you, and follow you.  For our sakes, I pray that we would welcome you and your message.  For our sakes I hope this would be because you have done all this for us already.  Why wouldn’t we want the same for others too?  Amen. 

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