Prayer for August 4, 2020

Prayer for August 4, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of truth, too often we confuse things.  We think that we know the truth – that we are so convinced that we have the truth – that we can disparage anyone who doesn’t share what we are convinced of.  Too often we confuse our opinion with the truth.  The reality is different though.  If we are truly interested in seeking truth – especially your truth – we would be humble and listen.  We would listen in order to adjust, recognizing that no person holds the entirety of truth.  We have only a small handle on the truth.  Do we hold tight to our belief of possessing the truth because we are afraid to be wrong?  Do we hold tight to it because we know that what we claim to believe might crumble like a house of cards if it was exposed to critique?  Do we think we would loose control?  All of these things start with a weak foundation – not a foundation based on truth.  Let us let go of our firm conviction that we possess the truth – it is not something to possess and control.  It is something that we can be aligned to and keep seeking.  Orient us towards humble submission of the truth.  Amen.

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