Prayer for August 4, 2021

Prayer for August 4, 2021: Please pray with me. God of wisdom, we ask that you make yourself be known. We are swamped with data and information. But that is not wisdom. Wisdom is more – it takes those things and then knows how to use them for the betterment of the common good. Wisdom doesn’t rush in, but takes a moment to consider what we are rushing in to. Wisdom looks to see what is right, not what is convenient. Wisdom allows us to be humble so that we will ask questions, listen, and work on the essential element of community and relationships – trust. Without trust, nothing can be sustained. Give us the wisdom to build trust with others so that we all can be transformed in incredible ways. Amen.

Call to Action: Consider a news event that takes place today. Regardless of what it is, notice the breathlessness of the comments about the event. Notice how quickly people conclude and take sides. Notice who is scapegoated. Notice how you are pressured to pick from one of two choices related to the event. Who is right and who is wrong? Who are the good people and who are the bad people? Now take a moment and stop. Let go of judgement, and listen. Listen to the story again – what questions rise up? What’s missing? Who benefits from the information presented? Who is hurt? And why? Is the story being told elsewhere differently? Why? Now the deeper question – why must you have a judgement about the event? How do you benefit from judging it? What are you losing by judging?

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