Prayer for August 5, 2020

Prayer for August 5, 2020: Please pray with me.  Creator God, you made all things and gave function to all as well.  You are the source of all truth.  We know this, yet we act as though it isn’t true.  We lie to ourselves in believing that we are the ones that give meaning to all things.  We fool ourselves into believing that we are the source of truth.  Why do we do this?  Why do we insist that we think we know everything?  We do we face the world and others with such cold, frozen hearts?  Why are we so very stubborn in our ways and beliefs?  It seems as though we would rather die instead of relinquish our role as a false god.  This is insanity.  I would ask you to soften our hearts, but we know that it’s not you that is the problem.  It is us.  You invite us to participate in your kingdom.  You offer us grace and mercy.  You continually forgive us.  You love us.  You come to us where we are.  You extend your hand to us to embrace us.  And over and over again, we push you away.  I don’t know what we need to change Lord.  But I do know that if we continue, it won’t end well for us.  Thank you for not giving up on us.  Amen.

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