Prayer for December 11, 2020

Prayer for December 11, 2020: Please pray with me. God of vision, you are amazing. You gift us with opportunities to go all in on your vision. We get scared of that Lord. Although it is puzzling as to why. We claim you are all in all, yet we struggle with actually believing it. Forgive us Lord. Besides, you even have shown us what being all in means – you’ve done that for us. And maybe that’s what scares us – what being all in means. It usually means something has to die. It could mean our literal lives. But more often than not what needs to die is our ideas, our beliefs, our desire to be in control. When we are all in on your vision, it is just that – your vision. We are not in control at that point. Not that we really ever had control. You give us everything we need Lord to be all in. Help us to see the courage you give us and to truly go all in. Amen.

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