Prayer for December 14, 2021

Prayer for December 14, 2021: Please pray with me. God of creation, you tell us that the high and mighty will be brought low. You tell us that empires will crumble and be put to shame. You tell us that those who abuse and exploit will be scattered. You tell us that the ways of this world will come to an end and be replaced by your kingdom and how it operates. That time can’t come soon enough. The world is addicted to empire and violence. It is addicted to power and control. Human history is loaded with endless pages of examples of this. And every time it always ends the same – death and destruction. Why do we think it would be different if someone else tries it? Are we that dense? We aren’t called to lord power over others. We can’t even figure out how to work our own lives properly, yet we somehow think we can control others and tell them what to do? What a joke. Release us of this desire to control and the yearning for power. Release rulers from wanting more. Release those who aspire to absolute power from the seeking it. Your ways are to empower people – especially the poor, the outcast, the outsider, and more. Oh how the world would look different and healthier if we just followed this path. Amen.

All to Action: While it’s easy to point fingers at others for their sin of power addiction – let us turn inward and examine how we strive for power over others. Why? Now let it go. You don’t need it. You don’t want the consequences of it either. Instead of seeking power, find a way to empower those whose voices have been silenced around you.

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