Prayer for December 15, 2021

Prayer for December 15, 2021: Please pray with me. God who declares Good News – help us to hear your news and be transformed by it. Willingly. So many seem stiff necked to your message. But why? Do we really think we know better than you? Do we dare think that we can tell you if you are right or wrong based on our own desires and beliefs. No wonder we have problems. When we put ourselves in your place, it leads to disaster. We have a faulty view of what it means to be God. We think that we will have all the power in the world. We think we will be mighty. We think we will be able to control. But that’s not what you are about. You have no need to use force. It goes against who you are. And so you proclaim Good News and invite us into it. And you wait patiently for us to respond. Your ways are far beyond ours. Your understanding is above ours. Amen.

Call to Action: Do all of your beliefs about life match up with God? Or rather, do you believe that God’s beliefs just happen to match up with all of yours? If so, you may want to do some self-examination on this. Aren’t we really just trying to make ourselves God when this happens? What do you struggle with? Who do you struggle to love? God loves that person. What can you learn, how can you grow, what fear and anger can you let go of to be in alignment with what God is already up to?

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