Prayer for December 16, 2021

Prayer for December 16, 2021: Please pray with me. God of the nations, do we dare call you that? We want to claim you only for our own nation if we are honest. We want to be special in relationship with you. We want to claim you. Just like everyone else. Release us from this desire to make you our own. Release us from the idolatry of wanting to possess you and use you for our own purposes. Release from this desire to manipulate you for our own ends. You don’t belong to us. We belong to you, regardless of whether we like that reality or not. Turn our hearts to recognize that we are the created and you are the creator. Turn our hearts to recognize that all our efforts at imposing imaginary lines on maps is not of your doing, but our own. Release us from the strong pull of wanting to be divinely special and unique in history. Amen.

Call to Action: Imagine for just a moment that your nation no longer existed. How much faith and hope of salvation have you put in it? Does your faith change if your nation no longer exists? Why?

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