Prayer for December 17, 2021

Prayer for December 17, 2021: Please pray with me. God, giver of life, thank you. You set the standard for what is living and thriving. We pray that you would give our churches life. A church that is alive has a meaning and purpose for it to exist. A thriving church is one that would be missed if it wasn’t there. A church that is alive sees the challenges around it, faces them, and responds. In other words, a church that is alive is outward looking in its perspective. Churches that are dying turn inward on themselves becoming private clubs. Staff end up being customer service managers keeping members satisfied. That’s not a church. A church serves. A church grows in discipleship. A church dies to self. Give our churches this kind of life so that the world and the church may be transformed by thriving life. Amen.

Call to Action: How alive is your congregation? Why does it exist? Would anyone miss it if it closed? What impact does it have on the community?

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