Prayer for December 2, 2021

Please pray with me: Prayer for December 2, 2021. God who created us in your image, often we become confused. While we claim to believe that we are made in your image, we try far too often to live believing that we make you O Lord in our own image. The created wants to believe it is the creator. Maybe we do this because we are addicted to control and knowing. Maybe we do this because of our own insecurity. Maybe we do this because of a twisted idea of who you are and what characterizes you. Maybe we do this because of a broken sense of what power is. Maybe all that and more. Free us from this inversion of believe. Set us free to be the created. Amen.

Call to action: What is your belief about God? Is God just like you? Does God act the same way as you? What are your expectations about God? How do you think these beliefs are forming you? Might there be something that needs to change in you?

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