Prayer for December 3, 2021

Prayer for December 3, 2021: Please pray with me. God who cares. You care so much that you give us ways to live, if only we would listen. Not some pie high in the sky abstract stuff either. Real practice stuff. Like if something keeps getting in the way of our relationship with you, we should cut it out of our life. But we keep telling ourselves that the things in the way aren’t actually in the way. We tell ourselves that the beliefs we have aren’t actually separating us from you. No, we tell ourselves instead that these things are you. We want to make you in our image. But instead, you remind us that we are made in your image. Open our eyes and our hearts to see this in ourselves and others and to live into it.

Call to Action: What is getting in the way of your relationship with God? Find something obvious – something that you know. Get rid of it. Now go for something more difficult – a belief.

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