Prayer for December 30, 2020

Prayer for December 30, 2020: Please pray with me. Holy One who offers ways that the world rejects, have mercy on us. We like to claim that we follow you, but I wonder if what we are really doing is voicing an ideal, while rejecting the belief for what we truly believe. Why do we accept schizophrenic faith in ourselves? Do we even see it? Or have we gotten so good as rationalizing our own behaviors and beliefs that we have convinced ourselves that when we use violence or defend it, when we seek after wealth, when we are selfish, and when we willingly participate in oppressive systems, that it is unrelated to faith? Why would we even want a faith that is so compartmentalized that it has such a limited and domesticated impact on our lives? That seems worthless. Probably because it is. It’s our attempt to give you lip service and set you aside so that we can be god over our own lives, and probably over others. Forgive us for this. And turn us to face you, to follow you, to live into the faith you give us. Amen.

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