Prayer for December 7, 2021

Prayer for December 7, 2021: Please pray with me. God of faith, forgive us when we want to hide you away. We fear being seen as something extreme. We fear being associated with one of “those” people who are judgmental and hypocritical. We fear that this is what public expression of faith and that it is too costly. But that’s not what you call us to – not ever close. You don’t call us to be loudmouths and jerks going around condemning people and dehumanizing others and giving effort to maintain abusive systems that hold certain people in bondage. Rather, you call us to set people free, to hear what is actually good news, and to walk with people in their pain so that healing might begin. This is our call to public faith. And it is life giving – to us and to others. It is the expression and extension of the faith that you give us. It’s the logical conclusion of what faith is all about. Give us the strength to live out this life giving faith. Amen.

Call to Action: What is one public expression of faith that you can do today that will enhance the life of someone around you – someone who is disempowered, someone who has been abused or oppressed, someone who has suffered exploitation, someone who is an outcast? Just one thing. What would be good news to them? Now go and do it.

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