Prayer for February 17, 2021

Prayer for February 17, 2021: Please pray with me. God who is political, hear us. Wait! What? God is political!?! But what about separation of church and state? What about not talking about politics and religion in polite company? What about keeping your religion out of my politics? Hmm. Seems like a twisted definition of politics. You are political though. In the truest sense of the world. We have a twisted idea about politics don’t we? That it is this necessary evil, that it is wrapped up in seeking and obtaining power. That it is filled with unholy ideas and people. Where did we get such an idea? For Christians this is odd. The Trinity, at it’s very core, is political – three persons who come together to do things that benefit all of creation. So yes, you are a God who is political and doesn’t hide it. That’s why you call on your followers to do political activities – advocacy with those out of power, speech with those whose voice is not heard, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, caring for the sick, welcoming the stranger. Yes, these are actions that many just see as service, but they are more – they are political in nature. They have impact on more than just the person who receives them. They impact the society as a whole. They benefit all of creation. And they are an outward express of the two great commandments: to love you, God and to love our neighbor. These commandments are the greatest political acts ever established. Amen.

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