Prayer for February 22, 2022

Prayer for February 22, 2022: Please pray with me. God who speaks to us, you come to us in a variety of ways, especially through words. You call on us to listen to your words. Forgive us when we twist your words. When we use your words as a means to separate and push people away from your grace and mercy. Your words are designed to heal, to free, to comfort, to poke, to move us to action. Your words draw us to you. They are not weapons used to destroy others. Forgive us when we use them in ways that pull people down. Let your words change us and soften our hearts. To move from technicalities, to hearing the theme of love that you wash over all of creation. Amen.

Call to Action: God’s words are not a score card that is used to determine if someone is wrong or right. How can you use God’s word to free someone, to provide healing, to offer grace and mercy, to show love of neighbor and enemy?

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