Prayer for February 25, 2022

Prayer for February 25, 2022: Please pray with me. God of peace, come to the aid of the Ukrainian people. Set them free from the terror of violence and war. Touch the hearts of the Russian soldiers who are advancing so that they may put down their weapons, and go home. Soften the heart of Vladimir Putin that he may see the harm his decisions are causing and seek to restore Ukraine and lift people up, rather than dominate and destroy. Give wisdom to Joe Biden and all leaders who are coming to the support of Ukraine. You are a God of peace, yet humanity seems addicted to war and violence. The god of war and violence is never satisfied. It always wants more blood. Defeat this false god, O Holy One. Put an end to this human addiction that only causes pain and suffering. Help people to see that peace is not a destination, but rather a way of being.

Call to action: Pray for peace. Pray for Putin. Pray for Ukraine. Pray for Biden. It’s not easy to pray for some people, but we are called to pray for friend and foe alike. And when we don’t have the words, just lift them up in prayer and tell God you don’t know what to say. And pray that you are transformed too.

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