Prayer for February 28, 2022

Prayer for February 28, 2022: Please pray with me. God of grace, we live in a world that runs on karma, but your ways are different. Karma is people getting what they deserve. Grace is people getting what they don’t deserve. And it is very unfair. And grace is something that upsets people. And yet, that’s how you operate. Karma is a human way of doing things. Grace is divine. Because it is only a divine way of looking at life and people that could possibly be satisfied with grace. Karma demands payment. Grace waives the fee. How hard it is for us to offer grace. How hard it is for us to receive it. We so desperately want you, O Lord, to owe us for what we do. Thankfully you don’t operate like that. Amen.

Call to Action: While we want karma for our enemies, what would it be like to offer grace? Difficult. Yet, this is exactly what God does with us. The least we can do is copy God.

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