Prayer for January 11, 2022

Prayer for January 11, 2022: Please pray with me. God of wonder, come to us. So often we fall prey to cynicism. It’s easy to go into the black hole of despair, but that leads nowhere. It’s easy to see how terrible things are – to always see what’s wrong with the world and with people. The media, social media, politicians, and even religion is good at pointing out how broken things and people are. But people are more than just broken things. They are a blessing. And there is good in the world. Sometimes it is difficult to see. But I wonder how much of that is due to our bent towards looking for brokenness. You are a God of blessing. That doesn’t mean that everything is just dandy though either. There is real pain and suffering in the world. It means that we don’t face it alone and that there is hope. There is a future. A better future. The best days are not in the past and something that we look to return to. The best days are yet to come – something to look forward to. That is what hope is all about – moving forward, seeing possibilities, trying, adjusting, adapting. Open us to this. Amen.

Call to Action: What is our orientation? To the past, or towards the future? If it is towards the past, then why? Where is the hope if the best days are in the past? Find one thing that is coming that is bringing good news to you and others.

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