Prayer for January 18, 2022

Prayer for January 18, 2022: Please pray with me. God of the nations, you created all peoples. All nations are yours. In your sight, they are not different from each other. The idea of a nation being greater than any other is ridiculous in your sight. How do humans view greatness? By being able to destroy other nations? By having more wealth than others? Those things are hardly great in the Kingdom of God. Greatness in the Kingdom is found in service to others because it is in serving that we show that we see the image of God in others. Greatness in the Kingdom is found in the small and weak because of their reliance on you. Greatness in the Kingdom is in the form of self-emptying love. Let us seek out this greatness. Amen.

Call to Action: Ask yourself what greatness is. Is your definition in alignment with God’s definition of greatness or with something else? If they are different, why?

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