Prayer for January 19, 2022

Prayer for January 19, 2022: Please pray with me. God of healing, you come to us in a variety of ways. You have been in the business of healing for a long time. Healing people and nations from so many ills. Sometimes we don’t even know that we need healing. Yet you come anyway. Heal us Lord. We need it. Heal our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. Heal our nations from the viruses that plague us – racism, nationalism, greed, anger, fear, idolatry, and more. Open us to receiving your healing for our own sake. Soften hearts that have been turned to stone. Heal us. Amen.

Call to Action: What healing do you need? If your answer is nothing, stop and examine yourself. What healing do you really need? What wound are you afraid to let go of? It’s time to let go and to be healed.

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