Prayer for January 21, 2022

Prayer for January 21, 2022: Please pray with me. God who continues to speak to us – are we listening? Sometimes I wonder. Or worse, do we listen and purposefully do the opposite of what you are saying. Woe to us if that is the case. Woe to us when we think we know better than you. How foolish that would be. But keep speaking. Often our hearts are cold and stone. Often we are willfully stubborn. But why? Why do we think we know better than you and your ways? It makes no sense. Keep talking. We can’t keep ignoring you, distracting ourselves, and doing the exact opposite of what your saying. Keep speaking so that the faithful will listen – we need to hear your voice. It keeps us going. Your words are nourishment for us. They are encouragement. They are salvation. Thank you. Amen.

Call to action: Stop and listen to God. Listen.

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