Prayer for January 7, 2022

Prayer for January 7, 2022: Please pray with me. God of the forgotten, we know that you have not forgotten anyone. While the world may forget people, cast them aside as inconvenient or uncomfortable, make them invisible, or silence them, your ways are different Lord. While the world is blind to these people, you see the value of each person. You see your own image in all of creation and each person. You remember all people, especially the poor and the outcast who are thrust aside. You are a defender of the poor and outcast. You come to the poor and outcast, not the high and lofty. You took on human flesh among the forgettable, the poor, and the outcasts, not in the royal palace. Let us look for you among the poor and outcast and see your face in them. Amen.

Call to action: When you come across someone begging for money, stop and talk with them. Share your name and ask for theirs. See their humanity. Listen to their story. Give them what you have. Bless them and be blessed by them.

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