Prayer for July 10, 2020

Prayer for July 10, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of losers, thank you.  Thank you for not being the god of winners, the powerful, the mighty, the strong.  You are the unexpected God.  A God who shows us not in royal robes, but in simple cloth.  You pitch a tent to dwell with us, not demand fancy accommodations.  You walk with the outcast.  You favor the poor.  You suffer with those exploited and oppressed.  You do all of this because you care.  Only a God who cares would do something to end injustice and evil systems.  Only a God who cares would offer something transformative.  An impersonal God would not care, not change anything, would not get involved, would not call on followers to upset the status quo.  But you care.  You care enough to be the God of losers.  Because the losers are open to hearing your message of love, grace, mercy, peace, and forgiveness.  They are open to receiving it.  To being enveloped by it.  To living it.  Amen.

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