Prayer for July 12, 2021

Prayer for July 12, 2021: Please pray with me. God of justice, when we hear this title, what do we think? Do we think this is some kind of partisan title – some group trying to lay claim to you? Do we think justice is about maintaining order at any cost? Do we even know what your justice is? Justice is related to righteousness. It’s about how people are in relationship with each other and with you. It’s about setting things right and putting them in a proper order. Not for the sake of creating order and having control, but rather for the sake of being in alignment with the character of God. Justice is the way of shalom – wholeness, completeness. And this is good news because you are a God of justice – a God who wholeness and completeness. And that is what you desire for your creation. You invite us to participate in establishing justice – not as something fierce, but as a loving act. You give us what we need to live into your justice. Help us embrace this call and to live into it. Amen.

Call to Action – How do we define justice? How is our definition similar to and different from your definition? Where are you calling us to live into your justice? For today, open your eyes to the world around you – just your own community. Don’t look for the large injustices that can feel overwhelming. Don’t seek out injustice either. Look. Pay attention. Notice. What do you see that is not in wholeness? Why? Maybe you don’t have an answer. What is God calling you to do and calling you to be in light of the lack of wholeness that you see. Now go and do it and be what you are called to be.

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