Prayer for July 14, 2020

Prayer for July 14, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of complexities, you made the universe.  You created order out of chaos.  That doesn’t sound so simple.  That sounds like herding cats.  And you maintain order in the midst of chaos.  I can’t even imagine how frustrating that must be.  Yet we seem to believe that the challenges and problems we face are simple and have simple solutions.  Excuse me while I interrupt your belly laugh God.  Do we hold onto this belief because then we get to fool ourselves into believing we have the answers and that we are in control?  Are we really that arrogant?  Forgive us for simple mindedness.  Forgive us when we think we know the answers to other people’s problems, but get upset when others tell us what to do.  Forgive us when we think our problems are really complicated all the while believing that everything else is simple.  How did we come to this cognitive dissonance?  Erase our narcissistic and egotistical tendencies.  Unite us to you – your will, your ways.  And give us what we need to live out the faith that you give us – a complex faith for a complex creation.  Amen.

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