Prayer for July 14, 2021

Prayer for July 14, 2021: Please pray with me. God of all, you encounter us, but often we don’t see it. Sometimes we refuse to. Other times we just don’t know. But you come anyway. You show up in a variety of ways. Sometimes through nature. Sometimes through people. Sometimes by challenging us and making us uncomfortable. Sometimes by comforting us when we are afflicted. But you come. Because that’s who you are. You are the essence of Shalom – wholeness, completeness. Where you are, there is no need for anything more. When you come, justice is there because all are made whole. Where you are, there your image is as well. Open our hearts and minds to being encounter by you and being transformed.

Call to Acton: How is God encountering you? How is God encountering the community in which you live in? Work in? How is God encountering those that are different from you? Your enemies? Take time today to notice what God is up to? Notice the similarities. Notice the trends. And listen for the invitation from God of how you are being called to participate in what God is already doing. And then go and do it.

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