Prayer for July 15, 2022

Prayer for July 15, 2022: Please pray with me. God of love, make yourself known to us in love. We live in a culture that doesn’t understand what love is. Love gets equated with sex. But love is so much more. And love comes in a variety of forms too. Love is more than just romantic. Love is also listening. Love is integrity and honesty. Love is caring. Love is seeking justice. Love is Shalom. Love is Sabbath and rest. Love is saying hard truths that need to be spoken even if others will offer hate in response. Love is congruency between what is claimed and how one acts. Love is ending abuse and exploitation and restoring people. Love is acknowledging wrongs – whether they are done by us or those in the past – and seeking ways to reorient relationships. Love is patient. Love does not use force and does not believe in controlling. Help us to live in love. Amen.

Call to Action: Love someone today with one small, specific act of love from the list above.

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