Prayer for July 21, 2021

Prayer for July 21, 2021: Please pray with me. God who creates value, do we value the same things you value? I don’t know. We claim to, but yet our society doesn’t seem to live into those values very well. We seem really good at making excuses. We are really good at determining what’s off limits too. Why do we do that? Why not just live into the values that you created and call us to? The sum of what you value is this – seeing the creation as value in itself – not value because of what can be done with it. The same goes for humans too – you see value in our existence, while so many only see value based on what we produce. We miss out when we do this. We miss the value that is right there in front of us. Open our eyes to seeing value as you do. Open our hearts to the value you have made in us and around us. Amen.

Call to Action: What value does money have for you? Be honest. What do you struggle with when it comes to money? Today, take some money and just give it away. It could be as easy and small as dropping money in a tip jar, or paying for someone’s meal behind you in line. It could be making a donation to a cause you care about. It could be handing money to a child. It could handing it over to someone in poverty. The point is to acknowledge how valuable money is for you, and to give it away without any strings attached. Notice what happens within you. Do you get tense? Does this bring on stress or anxiety? Does it offer you joy to give? Do you feel the pull of wanting to determine how the money is used? Do you just give and not think of that money again? What happens?

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