Prayer for July 22, 2020

Prayer for July 22, 2020: Please pray with me.  God who favors the poor, why is this title of your controversial?  There are many who don’t like the idea that you favor the poor.  Televangists who are successful and wealthy don’t like to talk about you favoring the poor.  There’s no money to be made from such a message after all.  But throughout Scripture, you tell us over and over that you favor the poor, the weak, the outcast.  You call on us who claim to follow you to care for the poor, the orphan, the widow, the stranger.  You call on us to love our neighbor and our enemy.  You call on us to see the image of God in all people – all people, even the ones we’d prefer not to.  Even the ones we would rather pretend don’t exist.  But they do.  The homeless aren’t something to be avoided.  They are to be cared for, seen, and valued.  They have names.  They have stories.  And we are called to be in community with them.  Because they are our community.  They are us.  Amen.

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