Prayer for July 29, 2020

Prayer for July 29, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of truth, speak and bend our ear that we would listen – listen to you truth.  Humanity is really good at spinning things, rationalizing things away, convincing ourselves of alternate truths, and lying to ourselves.  Too often, we prefer not to have the truth.  Maybe the truth is too painful or hurts too much – or so we think.  Maybe the truth makes us look bad.  Maybe the truth just exposes us and our brokenness.  Regardless, too often we want to hide from it – no different than Adam and Eve did in the garden when the truth was exposed.  But truth is a beautiful thing.  It is freeing.  It breaks bonds.  It shatters lies.  It releases people from bondage.  The truth forces change and transformation.  We can fight against the truth, but the truth always comes through, no matter how hard we try to cover it up.  It seeps out on its own schedule and when it breaks through, becomes a flood that cannot be avoided.  Speak your truth in our world Lord.  Open our hearts and minds to your truth.  Open us to live by your truth.  And forgive us when we reject your truth in favor of lies.  Amen.

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