Prayer for July 29, 2021

Prayer for July 29, 2021: Please pray with me. God of vision, you cast a vision over creation and invite us to participate in making it happen. Wow. Let’s just take that in for a moment. Your vision for how the world can be is incredible. It’s creative. It is life sustaining and life giving. It is dedicated to making peace. It is the very definition of shalom based on the image of God. Thank you for inviting us to participate. Show us the way. Give us the courage to be crazy enough in the eyes of the world to take up this vision and live into it as if it were already here. Because it is. Amen.

Call to Action: What is God’s vision? Seriously consider what God’s Kingdom looks like here on earth right now – in your nation, in your community. What does it look like people are doing? What does it look like people are talking about? What does it look like in how people are caring for others? What challenges have been solved? Now start with one small thing and start to live into it. Drop the excuses. Just start. Stop waiting for someone else to start. You start. And invite someone else in to this new way.

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